Set Your Rates

"Have you ever thought of yourself as the owner of a corporation? Guess what… you are. If you’re a working musician, a session or touring player, your company is called YOU, Inc.


The music industry is the wild west when it comes to the business side of things, so here are some industry tips.


Knowing what you have to offer and what it is worth is the first step to creating a sustainable career. The intersection of art and commerce doesn’t have to be tricky. Jimmy Page and Keith Richards are rich. Johnny Thunders and Sid Vicious are dead. Choose your role models wisely.





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Find Your Fans: Using Data to Analyze Your Audience

In this digital age of music streaming and social media, it is easier than ever to objectively measure an artist’s reach and influence. Whether you like it or not, every social media site and music streaming platform is collecting loads of data about their users. This information can be used to your advantage to draw powerful insights about your audience.

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The Price Of Advice

   In today's analytics and data age, an essential element to being an artist is decisiveness. Every second of the day, a decision needs to be made and that decisiveness is ultimately the difference between making things happen and just having them happen to you.

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Is Distribution Still Important?

As an artist or artist manager one of the most important tasks you will perform is setting up distribution and devising an accompanying distribution plan. Distribution was once considered the holy grail of the recording industry but once music went digital distribution became possible for just about anyone who desired it.

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Movie Casting Call

National casting call for the film entitled One More Flip Executive Produced by Street Lord Rook. After  releasing his first solo recording album (Life After The Feds) Rook is out to reach his hands in all branches of the entertainment spectrum.

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