Is Distribution Still Important?

As an artist or artist manager one of the most important tasks you will perform is setting up distribution and devising an accompanying distribution plan. Distribution was once considered the holy grail of the recording industry but once music went digital distribution became possible for just about anyone who desired it.

Distribution simply mean that someone is making your music available to the public in one or more formats either digitally or physical the latter is still a little elusive to most because it comes with a up-front manufacturing cost and a place to store the product and might even require retail locations to sell the product unless the artist is ready to get on their grind and pound the streets selling their product hand to hand.

More than likely if you use a digital distributor or an aggregator who serve the same role as the distributor they have the same access to the main digital retail outlets like Itunes, Spotify, google music etc. This is where having a distribution strategy can set you apart from the crowd by using this strategy to help position your release at a more advantageous position with each digital retailer by knowing what distributor or aggregator works better with each different retailer.

6 Digital Distributors We Recommend

  1. Route Note
  2. Distro Kid
  3. Tuneore
  4. CD Baby
  5. The Orchard
  6. Ditto

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